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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shoreline's Backyard Wildlife Goal Achievement!

Congratulations to the Shoreline Community Backyard Wildlife Project for achieving their ambitious goal! 

They have been officially "Certified" by the 
National Wildlife Federation as a 
Backyard Wildlife Community! 

Boni Biery is the Director of Sustainable Shoreline's
Community Backyard Wildlife Project
“Now that we are certified we will continue our work to conserve the biodiversity of Shoreline.  If you would like to help and/or certify your own habitat just let us” Biery said.  She can be reached at

Sustainable Shoreline Education Association 
is the sponsor of this project. The Goal was to certify a required number of households, businesses, schools and parks and become the largest community in WA state to have done so thus far. 

Our Goals for Shoreline
is to satisfy National Wildlife Federation’s Community Certification requirements
We have NOW certified -
  • 200 homes

  • 6 public space /businesses

  • 5 schools

  • 2 public projects

    The Mission -
    Preserve, restore & create sustainable habitat to benefit & protect wildlife and ourselves
    Build a stronger sense of community by inspiring neighborhood stewardship and pride

    White Crowned Sparrow at Feeder
    photo credit Linda Stein
    1) Food: 
    Seeds, berries, nectar, pollen from plants, trees and/or a bird feeder

    2) Water:

    Warbler at Birdbath
    Photo Credit-Chris Southwick
    A birdbath, shallow pond, stream, wetland or lakeshore
    3) Shelter:

    Wood Ducks at Th Cr Par #6
    photo credit-Don McCall
    Dense vegetation or rock and/or brush pile
    4) Place to rear young:
    Trees, shrubs, ponds, nesting boxes

    Barred Owl in Th Cr Par #1
    Photo Credit-Kelly Dole
    There were many elements of the project and goals met along the way.

    This summer the WOWTA (Where Our Wild Things Are) project, which featured a Garden Tour was "wildly" successful with hundreds of visitors attending. 

    Other elements of the project were -
    • Champion Tree ID project
    • Parks Restorations - Bruggers Bog and Ronald Bog planting projects
    • Bird houses
    • Bird Banding

    The Leasership Team included -
    Wendy Dipeso, Janet Way, Babrara Guthrie,
    Christine Southwick, Bill Bear, Afia Menke
    And many more.... 

    Signs provided by NWF to yards and parks that are certified.
    We will update you all on what's next for this project soon. 
    Way To Go SSEA! 

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