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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Great Blue Heron Sighted at Hidden Lake

Bob Phelps sends this lovely shot of the iconic Great Blue Heron at Hidden Lake in the Boeing Creek Watershed of Shoreline.

Hidden Lake has seen many changes over the decades. It was built by William Boeing and his cohorts early in the 20th Century. His family built a "hunting lodge" nearby and the pond was stocked with trout.

Hidden Lake heron
photo credit-Bob Phelps

But the Lake has been through a lot. In the 1996-97 snow storm/flood, Boeing Creek and Hidden Lake were inundated by a massive landslide and "sink hole" due to drainage pipes bursting at N175th. The lake was dredged and restored. Another episode occurred in 2007, when Shoreline was again deluged in a heavy rain storm. The lake was again filled with sediment. 

Since that time, King County and the City of Shoreline constructed the retention pond and natural drainage system at Boeing Creek Park. This project installed hundreds of native plants and the lake was dredged once again during that period.  

It still harbors fish, which is why the heron is visiting. There have been many different wildlife sightings at Hidden Lake, including osprey, bandtailed pigeons and many others.

Boeing Creek is salmon habitat and empties directly into Puget Sound. It is one of 3 major watersheds in Shoreline.

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