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Monday, November 22, 2010

Ooops! More Snow Than They Expected and Now Wind and Ice!

So the weather stations said it wouldn't be that bad! But apparently it's getting pretty nasty out there.

Today was just a lovely peaceful walk in the snow. But tonite things are getting dicey. 

We now have about 3" at Paramount Park at 8:30 pm. 
(if you have any photos send me some!)

Here's the latest from local Meteorologist Cliff Mass -

Thing are really getting interesting now. See the surface chart above at 2 PM. The low center is MUCH stronger than the model's predicted. Around 999 mb and is now located over the Olympic a result southwesterly winds are picking up in the south Sound and the northerlies are strengthening to the north. The collided airstreams are causing enhanced vertical motion and precipitation. Look at the radar...a line of very heavy reflectivities...and snow intensities has formed south of Seattle. Strong northerly flow is now striking the northern portion of the Olympic Peninsula and very heavy snow is falling on its northern side (6-10 inches so far in some places!!!!)

The show is not over yet.

Here is a neat time-lapse of snow in Silverdale. Looking west across Hood Canal
Courtesy of Dale Ireland

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