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Monday, November 22, 2010

Now That's Some Real Snow!

About 2 Inches of "Real Snow" in 
Shoreline So Far as of 4pm, November 22nd.
Real Snowfall in Paramount Park on Hemlock Grove

Reflections in "Upper Pond" are
especially beautiful in the snow
Upper Pond at Paramount Park is a restored
wetland with "Large Woody Debris"
placed as wildlife habitat. Sure makes a
pretty scene too!
Paramount Park is a "Headwaters Wetland" and contains one of the largest wetlands in Shoreline at over 6.5 acres. PPNG
did the restoration project over 10 years ago and created two wetland ponds and replanted nearly 3 acres with native plants.
Littles Creek doesn't mind the snow a bit!
It is a tributary and headwaters of Thornton Creek, the largest watershed
in Shoreline and Seattle

NW Native Plants don't mind the snow at all.
Sword fern gully makes a nice image.
Went for a nice walk and Paramount Park is a real star in the snow. 
Couple enjoys the view at the "lower pond" in the pre-Thanksgiving Snowfall

Two neighborhood children enjoying the snow with all five senses!

So get out there and enjoy the beautiful scenes around Shoreline in this rare November show!

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