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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Recycling Cooking Oil at Thanksgiving

Want to find a way to recycle all that holiday meal cooking oil? Are you deep frying a turkey or making other goodies that use a lot of fat for deep frying? 

Our Green Waste Hauler Cleanscapes and Central Market are Teaming Up to help residents recycle used cooking oil for Bio-diesel.  This is a great way to get rid of your excess cooking oil (if you're doing a deep fried turkey for instance) AND get the oil reused in a "carbon neutral" way. That way, you won't be clogging up pipes or drains. General Biodiesel is the company that is making it possible.
They are a Seattle based company founded in 2006.
General Biodiesel recycles cooking oil and produces low 
carbon fuel from sustainable sources.
General Biodiesel

Recycle your used cooking oil at Central Market in Shoreline or Shoreline Recycling and Transfer Station. Drop-off is available Tuesday, Nov. 23 through Sunday, Dec. 5. Cooking oil is collected by General Biodiesel and refined into biodiesel fuel, which is purchased CleanScapes to fuel garbage trucks!
Central Market Shoreline
15505 Westminster Way NContainer is outside, to the right of the main door, past the shopping carts
Shoreline Recycling & Transfer Station2300 N 165th Street Check-in at gate entrance to be directed to the container inside station

For questions please call the Environmental Programs Assistant at (206) 801-2455.

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