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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shoreline Preservation Society - Call to Action

The Shoreline Preservation Society has a mission. 

It is a new non-profit which seeks:
"to foster the preservation of historical heritage, cultural and environmental assets throughout the Shoreline Area". 
SPS urges all citizens of the Shoreline Area who care about our cultural and historical heritage, environment and community values to unite to protect the Landmarked Ronald School. 

Tonite YOU can make a difference. 
This will be the ONLY Public Hearing
on the "Certificate of Appropriateness" for the proposed impacts to the Historic Ronald School.

When: Wednesday, November 17th,
Time: 7pm
Where: Richmond Masonic Temple (a newly Landmarked building as well!)
N 185th and Linden Ave N
parking available at Fred Meyer store 
(if you cannot attend, you can still send a letter (email) to the Landmarks Commission)
c/o Todd Scott ;

As President of the Shoreline Preservation Society I urge you to attend, to stand up for what is right and
speak out for accountability from the Shoreline School District for what they've done.

In order to preserve this historical heritage today, we wish to remind all people who care about our communities cultural assets to attend tonight's official Public Hearing of the Shoreline Landmarks Commission for the "Certificate of Appropriateness" of alterations being proposed to the 1912
Landmarked Ronald School. The hearing will be held at 7pm at the recently landmarked, Richmond Masonic Temple at N 185th Street and Linden Avenue N.
Parking is available at the Fred Meyer store.

It is imperative that citizens who care about history of our community attend this hearing and speak out. The Commission will be deciding its fate, because the Certificate of Appropriateness is required by Shoreline Municipal Code 15.20. All four sides of the building were Landmarked in 2008 because it is a unique and rare example, of a stand-alone, "intact" semi-rural schoolhouse. 

Now the Shoreline School District proposes to permanently alter this historic building, by building a massive new HS, attached it to the rear of the building, and gutting the interior. This proposal goes against the Secretary of Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation. Despite the community's repeated requests and the Rules of Procedure of the Landmarks Commission, the SSD never presented a reasonable alternative that would not impact the building. 

As citizens know, the Shoreline Historical Museum has been the steward of this Historic Building and was responsible for its Landmarked status. They have been forced to sell the building and are now prohibited by the settlement and gag order from speaking in its behalf. So it is up to the citizens like you and me to be the advocates for this unique community asset. It has been included in our Community Vision and the Town Center planning process.

The Shoreline Preservation Society urges all citizens who care about this irreplaceable asset to show up tonight and speak out on its behalf. 

This is the moment to make a difference. It is the ONLY public hearing on this matter. 

Thank you for caring.

Janet Way, President 
Shoreline Preservation Society

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