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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Big Bird Answer!

So, the answer I got from "experts" on my "Big Birds" roosting at Ronald Bog is.......
Cormorants surveying Ronald Bog for fish
photo credit-Janet Way
Double Crested Cormorants!
 Phalacrocoracidae  Pelecaniformes   
"Double-crested Cormorants, our largest, has an orange bill and thick neck.  While in flight, look for a slight "crook" at the base of the neck. If a perched cormorant is holding it's wings out, it's almost suredly a Double-crested." is the description on the Bird Web site through Seattle Audubon. 
photo credit-Cornell Lab of Ornithology
"All About Birds" copyright - Marie Read
So what is cool about seeing cormorants at Ronald Bog. Maybe they've been hanging out there for a long time, but there has been some question for years about Ronald Bog as fish habitat. But in just a few months, I have personally seen 3 large fish eating birds, visiting Ronald Bog. Great Blue Heron, Osprey and now Cormorants. 
So, I would say that the case is closed. Fish live in Ronald Bog! It's Fish Habitat and it is the headwaters of Thornton Creek! 

Now back to election coverage.

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