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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wood Ducks Showing Off at Thornton Creek Park #6

The Beaver Pond at Thornton Creek Park #6 is a haven for a myriad of creatures. One of the coolest seen there has to be the Wood Ducks with their beautiful plumage.

Ruth Williams and Don MacCall captured these images of the Wood Ducks displays.

One Lucky Wood Duck overlooking Beaver Pond at Thornton Creek Park #6

Where is this lovely refuge? Right in the middle of North Seattle at:

8th Ave NE between 105th and 106th Sts. 

So many critters use this place as a wildlife refuge. Of Paramount Importance has featured many examples this year including; fish, Great Blue Heron, Beaver, Racoons and many others.
The Beavers have engineered this place to their liking. It's a challenge sometimes to keep them from cutting too many trees and backing up the waters into the streets, but in the meantime, what an incredible
habitat they've created! What an education for visitors, young and old.

It's a public park that needs a name. It is just downstream from the Thornton Creek Water Quality Channel at Thornton Place. 


Wood Duck Struts His Stuff
photo credit-Don MacCall

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