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Friday, September 24, 2010

KC Landmarks Commission Decision on Richmond Masonic Lodge

Thursday night at their regular meeting held in Woodinville, the King County Landmarks Commission met and awarded "Landmarks Status" to the Richmond Masonic Lodge. 
The Lodge was built in 1921-22 and the Masons held their first meeting there in 1922.

Richmond Masonic Lodge built in 1921
photo credit-Steve Robinson
courtesy of Shoreline Area News
The Richmond Masonic Lodge has been home to the Masons, Eastern Star and has been utilized by many organizations such as the 32nd District Democrats and folk dancing groups, because of it's fine dance floor. It is located in the Richmond Highlands neighborhood.

Marble Plaque Commemorates Lodge History at NE Corner of Building
photo credit-Janet Way

The Lodge sought the Community Landmarks award to help preserve their building on Richmond Beach Road.  There had been a proposal two years ago to develop the site where the lodge is located.
The property was up for sale and valued at over $1 million, because its location is considered part of the Shoreline Town Center area. But the proposal fell through because of the recession.
Masonic Lodge Front Porch on Richmond Beach Rd

Also, the Landmarks Commission opted to hold a Hearing in the future on the topic of the Ronald School and Shoreline School District's "Certificate of Appropriateness" application to remove the rear wall and gut the interior.
Rear Wall of Ronald School Includes Original Masonry and Wooden Shingles
Elevator Shaft was added for ADA Compliance
photo credit-Janet Way
The KC Landmarks Code was adopted by the City Of Shoreline and the Board was acting in this case at the behest of the City of Shoreline Landmarks Commission in its award of Historic Community Landmark for the Richmond Masonic Lodge building.

 The Ronald School was designated as a Historic Landmark in 2008.  In order for the Shorewood High School rebuild to incorporate the Ronald School, they need to have a Certificate of Appropriarateness".

The Ronald School was built in 1912 and has housed the Shoreline Historical Museum since the Bicentennial in 1976. The Shoreline School District has recently reached a settlement with the Shoreline Historical Museum Board, and is evicting them from the building they've occupied for 35 years in order to appropriate the building for it's new High School project.


  1. I'm so glad to hear the Landmarks Commission will be holding a Hearing in the future. Please let us know about when and where it will be. I want to attend and go on record with what I have to say about the School District's total disregard for history and for the tax payers who have so willingly supported them decades. What they have done/are doing is shameful and risks the future for these same taxpayers. Duh!

  2. I'll be attending that hearing! See you all there!