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Monday, September 20, 2010

Shoreline KOMO News-New Dick's Drive-in in North End

Shoreline KOMO News has the story today that Dicks Drive-in will be looking for a site for their first new store in the Shoreline/Edmonds/MLT/Lynnwood area.

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After three weeks of online voting, Dick's Drive-In says its 
customers have spoken, and it's heading north.

With "north" taking about 46 percent of the total vote, the company 
said it is focusing its search for a new location within a 20-mile area 
north of their original restaurant in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood.

The search area includes Shoreline, Lynnwood, Edmonds, South Everett 
and Mountlake Terrace.

Dick's said about 115,000 total votes were cast to help choose 
the location for their first new location in 36 years.

The online poll was so popular that someone set up a computer 
program to stuff the virtual ballot box, temporarily brining the 
voting site down. The company said it removed the fraudulent votes.

"This is an historic time for our family's small business," Jim Spady, 
Vice President of Dick's Drive-Ins said in a news release. 
"The outpouring of support has been overwhelming and humbling. 
North received the most votes, and that is where we will now focus our efforts."

Spady said if the new Dick's in the north end is a success, 
the next Drive-Ins will be in the south and east regions.

"We want those who voted South and East to know that we 
heard their voices also," he said.

Dick's hopes to have the new restaurant open in late 2011 or early 2012.

The company also held a contest for customers to create 
20-second commercials for Dick's. 
You can view the winners on their website.
This article originally appeared on Edmonds News

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