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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lucky Dog May Catch a Break Soon

The Saga of Lucky has been continuing in Shoreline. "Lucky" is a poor little pup who really needs some better luck.

His owners left town several months ago, and left Lucky in the basement. The owners Ex comes over every few days to open a can of food and throw it in the back door. But poor Lucky is stuck there, living in a filthy mess.
"Lucky" courtesy of Shoreline KOMO News

The story has been covered by KOMO and KING 5 News, Dori Monson, Shoreline KOMO News blog and now Shoreline Area News as well. Animal Control, says they are waiting for a search warrant in order to get permission to rescue Lucky. They say that the owners have agreed to turn over the dog Today (Wednesday).

The news blogs are chock full of commenters, who are imploring the authorities to "DO Something!"

It defies logic for some of us, why the authorities don't take necessary lawful measures to rescue this poor defenseless dog.

Now an organization called Dogs Deserve Better is taking a stand advocating;

"The dogs been in there for four years. Owners moved out 3 months ago. It's one of the worst cruelty cases we've seen in this state," said Kelly Page of Dogs Deserve Better. 

We hope today is the day Lucky will get his freedom and a new home and some love.

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