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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seattle - Urban Forestry Open House, Tonite

Seattle's Urban Forestry Commission is holding a special Open House TONITE (Tuesday).

Huge, ancient Willow tree towers over Thornton Creek Park #1, Seattle
photo credit-Janet Way

The Urban Forestry  open house TONITE, Tuesday 9/21/2010 starts TODAY at 5:30 in the Bertha Landres room at Seattle City Hall.  

DPD (Department of Planning and Development) and others will be making presentations at 6:00 PM.

DPD has a Tree Ordinance proposal that is being shopped around. Ostensibly it is claimed to be for a better tree policy, but many tree advocates are skeptical. There is an existing "interim" tree ordinance in Seattle passed last year which actually protects Groves of Trees and many other types of trees. Experts say it is far superior to the current proposal which has only "voluntary" compliance tools such as incentives and not enough teeth to be effective.

Also there is a very substantive and lengthy article yesterday in the seattle 

"City of Seattle hosts Urban Forestry open house"

Lets get going Seattle and Shoreline and really create a better "Tree Infrastructure".

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