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Friday, September 3, 2010

Owls in Thornton Creek Park #1

Kelly Dole, creek steward at Thornton Creek Park #1 (S of Jackson Park Golf Course)
reports a great sighting of a wise character watching over the wildest place in the watershed.

Looks like a Barred Owl? Photo credit-Kelly Dole

Lately the critters are really coming back over here. I think much of it is ultimately due to shading the creek. Yesterday my son and I saw 10" fish, crawdads, raccoon, a falcon (I think) and the awesome owl (I snapped those photos yesterday). Later on and this morning we watched him hunt for about 30 minutes. Very cool for an urban woodlands. A neighbor regularly sees heron, hawks and coyote and I would bet that the beaver that used to live around here might be coming back. 
Keeping an eye on things

Barred Owls are a species that seems to thrive in the urban forests. They are considered an invasive species though lately, especially in "Spotted Owl Territory", where they have been said by scientists to be out competing the smaller and shier endangered species.

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  1. Oooh! How beautiful! We are so lucky to live here.