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Monday, September 20, 2010

"Shoreline School District is a Cult of Deception" said a Shoreline SESPA Worker.

SESPA Workers Demonstrate for Workplace Fairness
Tonite's Shoreline School Board meeting was attended by approximately 100 Shoreline Education Support Professionals, teachers and other community members. They held a demonstration outside beforehand. About a dozen spoke to the School Board. Many told their personal stories, but many expressed exasperation at the delay tactics displayed by Shoreline School District Administration and no leadership from the School Board who sat stone faced throughout.

One worker admonished the SSD and Board stating that "The Shoreline School District IS a Cult of Deception!" There was a huge ovation from the crowd.

SESPA Workers demonstrate and are joined by WEA reps

It is sad to say that this has been the attitude of the District on many issues in the last few years.

The newest outrage is of course the process now underway about the hostile eviction of the Shoreline Historical Museum and proposal to gut the 100 year old Landmarked Ronald School. The District has now succeeded apparently in strong arming the Shoreline Historical Museum Board and will evict them in the next few months.
SSD is Planning to "Gut" this Landmarked building to create their new facade

The latest chapter begins this week. We were shocked to find out tonite that the the King County Landmarks Commission has already been meeting with Basetti Achitects. (Apparently, it's a cozy little relationship, between them and the "Architects Review Committee" of the Commission) and there is a full meeting of the Commission this Thursday. This is rather shocking, since there has been absolutely no
Legal Notice to anyone who is a "Party Of Record".

The School District is required to get a "Certificate of Appropriateness" to undertake changes in the Landmarked building.  One would think that "gutting the building" would be seen as a significant change to require the Commission to have some pause before rubber stamping approval.

But since no one was made aware that this process was underway, how would they know anything other than what the Basetti Architects and Shoreline School District Administration want them to know?

Again, the Shoreline School District has shown they cannot be trusted with our tax dollars or our children.

Another chapter in the "Cult of Deception" Chronicles unfolds. 


  1. A cult of deception AND destruction !

    How many ways can the Shoreline School District betray its own community?

    How much more can the community endure?

  2. Such a culture might engender short term gains, but loses long term trust of its constituents and taxpayers.

  3. Isn't there a law against creating a "hostile work environment" while contract negotiations are underway? Hasn't the unwarranted letter from SSD to parents threatening an undocumented "sickout" not create a hostile work environment? Check it out

  4. I think it's interesting that at the same time the School Board is gutting the Ronald School Building of it's historic interior that it is also gutting the quality of education in our schools by reducing support employee hours and staff. Perhaps we should call them the Shoreline School District Gutting Board. If it looks like a duck, talks like a duck and walks like a duck.....

  5. I served on the First King County Landmark
    Commission because of my work for saving the
    Ronald School building as the Shoreline Historical Museum. Is the city of Shoreline
    going to stand by while the building is "gutted"? Does the Landmark Commission and the Shoreline School Board have any "guts?"

  6. Is anyone mad enough to run for school board? A new school board could hire school administrators who are from this area and who appreciate our history. High performance schools do not mean we forget about historical preservation. Or, maybe the school board ought to get another architect who can design with sustainability and historical preservation in mind.