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Monday, September 6, 2010

Resourceful Racoons at Thornton Creek Park #6

Nimble Racoon
Photo credit-Don MacCall

Report on Racoon activities at Thornton Creek Park #6
by Ruth Williams and Don MacCall

This is a great series of shots by Don MacCall and Ruth Williams of Thornton creek Alliance. They are longtime stewards of Thornton Creek Park #6 near Northgate.  The downstream section of this park has been adopted by beavers who have utterly transformed the place into an active wetland, and haven for many urban wildlife species. Racoons are just one of the species attracted to this place.

They are well adapted to the urban forests and are fascinating for people to observe because of their obvious intelligence and resourcefulness.

Goofy Racoons-
Photo credit-Don MacCall

On the banks, Racoon Family going for a swim

The racoon babies are just too cute to ignore. The picture of the group on the creek bank
shows a mother with FIVE babies.  A couple of weeks ago we saw two adult
raccoons sauntering down Northgate Way!  Again, these pictures were taken by
Don McCall.


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  1. Family groups of raccoons passing through my sister's neighborhood for many years and entertaining family and friends have suddenly all disappeared ...We're heartbroken Has anyone seen 15 or more raccoons in Bothell down the hill from the gun club?