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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Update on Culvert Replacement on Thornton Creek

Chuck Dolan of Thornton Creek Alliance sends this report on TC Park #2 Culvert replacement by SPU (Seattle Public Utilities) at NE 105th.
New Culvert "flying into place" on Thornton Creek at 105th NE

Here a photo of the initial culvert piece installed at NE 105 St.  The photo is unfortunately very low resolution, cheap cell phone on low setting.  Also attached (I hope) is a photo of the creek returned to its newly restored bed including tons (literally) of LWD.
Large Woody Debris added as "structure" to creek channel as culvert is replaced

The house and fence removal at 8th Av NE and NE 105th St looks GREAT!  I visited Beaver Pond a day or so have the concern was expressed about the beaver dams upstream of 105 and saw they have been removed tastefully.  Also the water level of Beaver Pond was down a bit but looked appropriate as the beaver deceiver was visible and functioning i.e. not plugged.  Thanks to whom it may concern!

(Additional late breaking update:
I was premature on beaver pond water level.  With the nearly 2" of rain Friday and Saturday the (beaver) deceiver must have become plug as it is now out of sight under water.  Also downstream at what I think is one of the new dams, a large willow has fallen over. It's crown is in parking lot of the apartment building and diverted the stream a bit to the south in a new channel. When I was by Sunday afternoon there was a chainsaw sitting out by the willow but no one immediately around and no cuts on willow crown.)


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