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Friday, January 15, 2010

State Rep Maralyn Chase-Support for Schools AND Museum


We don’t have to choose between building schools for our future and preserving our historical heritage. We can do both.

Bassetti Architects can design a green high school that does not destroy the Shoreline Historical Museum now housed in the historic Ronald School Building and that also meets the needs of the Shoreline school Board and the Superintendent.

The Ronald School building is the oldest building in Shoreline and is one of the best examples of the schools that educated our pioneer era school children. It is a precious part of our past that can never be replaced.

The Museum, not the School District, owns the building. If the building needs retrofitting, it is the responsibility of the Museum Board, not the Shoreline School Board to do it. They are separate institutions and the existence of the museum should be separate from the school levies and bond measure.

Voters will soon receive their ballots. We need a solution now. The best solution is for the School Board to remove the Ronald School Building from its plans and eliminate the dilemma that would otherwise face many voters.

Regards and Respects,

Maralyn Chase
State Representative

1 comment:

  1. I support Maralyn's position and I hope the School Board is listening (reading?). Maybe our MLK Day Ralley on the Museum steps will help send the message!

    Bob Moore