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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Nature Publishing - Amazing Ecosystem Posters

Celebrating our "ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY" for "Of Paramount Importance" Blog all day today!
Thanks to all of our "Followers" "Commenters" and everyone who's checked in on our new adventure. Look forward to your future participation, tips and ideas as our local blog evolves.
It here for all of you to use to share information, issues, good news and challenges.

Best Wishes in February 2010 - Janet Way

Good Nature Publishing Climate Impacts Series

Tim Coleman is a successful, local publisher who has made his mark by illustrating different types of habitats of the Northwest Ecosystem, and other topics illustrating our natural connections, by publishing local illustrators poster art.

His posters are widely distributed and affordable ways to get the message of our connections to our natural world, whether out in wilderness or in our own backyards.

They are educational and inspiring.

Topics include, Raingardens, Sustainable Living and most recently the Climate Impacts Series by John C. Pitcher pictured here.

Contact Tim at 800-631-3086 or through his website -

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