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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Questions About the School Bond Issue Regarding Shoreline Historical Museum

Questions About the School Bond Issue Regarding Shoreline Historical Museum

• Why do we have to chose between Museum and Schools?

• Why can’t we have a win/win on the Schools issue by saving our Shoreline Historical Museum?

• Isn’t the Shoreline Historical Museum a valuable cultural asset and potential economic driver for Shoreline?

• How can the School District consider displacing the Shoreline Historical Museum from it’s home, a Historic Landmark and oldest public building in town, the Ronald School?

• How can the School District claim they are proposing a “green building plan” for the new Shorewood HS, when they propose to displace the Shoreline Historical Museum simply to provide massive new student parking lots? Haven’t they heard that driving cars and parking lots are not “Green”?

• Why can’t the School Board ensure the protection of the Shoreline Historical Museum?

• Doesn’t the School Board care about our history or teaching history? If so, why are they allowing the Museum to be threatened by the School Bond?

• Are the voters being misled on the School Bond choice?

• Is the School Board fully informing the voters about School Bond? What will really be the impact of the Bond on the Historical Museum?

• Doesn’t the Historical Museum already own the building?

• Couldn’t the District offset the footprint of the Shoreline Museum, by purchasing nearby property?

• Isn’t it a fact that there is no agreement with the Museum in place to “share the space” as the District is stating?

• Shouldn’t the Board ask more questions about their legal position, and the actual impact of the Bond Campaign on their status with the voters?

Business Related Questions

• What is the cost of the Bond to the citizens & businesses?
• Will this new tax slow economic growth?
• Will this cut into retail sales?
• Will there be less tax revenue for the City?
• Will the City need to raise taxes?
• Will the community be double dipped by the School district & the City?
• Why hasn't the Cities 1st Economic development Plan for the schools property never been reviewed? Retail Life style center @ Shorewood. Move the High school back 2 Shoreline or Sunset.
• Do you raise taxes in time of recession?
• Why does the school system not want to work with the Business Community to create a prosperous Retail center?
• Why doesn't the school wish to land lease for long term funding & take the tax or bond burden off the community?
Wa. Peak jobs private sector 2,432,100 by Nov 09 net loss 173,500 State jobs including state universities 151,300 net loss 700 jobs. 1 job lost in state employment for every 247 lost in private sector.

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