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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Editorial Response to School District's Specious Arguments


As a representative of the Committee to Save Our Shoreline Historical Museum I am proud of our efforts. We have a voice and we will take our message to the people.

Let me be clear.... we ALL care about our schools and would like to vote YES on the ballot measures. I moved here too for the schools, always supported the levies and bond measures. But the Shoreline School District has been acting irresponsibly with regard to publishing the correct information. They persist in absurd, specious arguments already rejected by the Museum Board because they are completely impractical.

The District keeps suggesting, as if practical they will "share" the space (share is such a nice word?). Or "move Ronald School" which is a pipe dream. Or "move the museum" to some storefront or left over space in the District's array of defunct buildings or properties.

The District is hell bent on a Hostile takeover of the Museum.

Message to the School District… Get real Shoreline School District!

YOU, and you alone will be responsible for the downfall of this Bond Measure, because of your recalcitrant positions.

YOU are the ones refusing to meet with the Museum Board until you already had your plans set.

YOU, are the ones putting out these irresponsible and factually deceptive positions.

YOU are the ones, who have refused to negotiate in good faith with the Museum Board.

YOU are the ones who are making the voters chose between two things we value here; a cultural asset, the Historical Museum and our precious Schools.

YOU are the ones dividing our community!

YOU are the ones ignoring legal opinions from the Museum's legal counsel and reputable legal experts.

YOU have a chance right now to take the offer from the Museum to buy the property. Your Board has a responsibility consider this offer and whether you need to be financially responsible to the voters, taxpayers and negotiate in good faith.

Get the ALL facts!

Save History in Shoreline, Save Our Museum! Listen to the people!


Janet Way

Com to SOSHM

photo credits - Steve Schneider, Linda Stein and Vicki Westberg

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