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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Rally

The Rally!

Today was a great display of civic courage by over 80 citizens who really care about their history. In Shoreline, the Committee to Save Our Shoreline Historical Museum sponsored a Rally of support. The sun shone down on people of all ages and from all across the community. Civic leaders, Moms, Dads, Grandpas and Grandmas, pets and lots of great folks came to tell why they care about our amazing cultural asset, the Landmarked Shoreline Historical Museum, which has been part of our "town center" since 1912 and a museum since the Bi-centennial, 1976.

The Rally featured 33 handmade, colorful signs, 100 smaller signs, and a banner proclaiming "This Place Matters" from the National Register of Historic Place Preservation Campaign. Media coverage includes a spot on KOMO 4 Evening News and coverage in the Shoreline Area News.

One supporter Jan Stewart said "We’d like to vote Yes, but only if the District guarantees that the Museum will be protected in place. I don’t like that the District is forcing voters to chose between our Museum and schools."

It was a fantastic turnout and example of a grassroots effort. We hope that the School District will finally see the light. Otherwise, THEY and they alone will bear the responsibility for what ever happens to the Bond. The voters have been given an impossible choice in this vote. Schools or Historic Museum. Education or History. It makes no sense!

Congratulations Shoreline and all Museum supporters.

Photo Credits - Steve Schneider, Linda Stein, Janet Way

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