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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Consider This Thought

You might think this is a stretch but, back when the Ronald School was still in session, in the "sixties", the Beatles were hot. And Guess what? They still are!!

Ringo Starr: The Drums Are Where The Soul Is

On NPR, just heard Ringo Starr about his new album "Y Not", and it is too cool (IMO)! Heard a fun interview with him on NPR's Weekend Edition this morning. How fun!

Also saw him on the Jimmy Fallon's show Late Nite. How fun!

Just consider this bit of history from when "we" were teenagers. Back in the sixties, when the Ronald School was still in session, the Fab Four, including Ringo were fresh. In my 8th grade class in 1963 (back in NJ), The Beatles were an amazing phenomenon. Just imagine students at the Ronald School being excited about The Beatles and how exciting it was. So kids today, CAN relate to the Shoreline Historical Museum and so can we. The Beatles are probably just as popular as ever, maybe even more! This is just one small part of the history of Shoreline which should not be forgotten and that students today could appreciate.

Enjoy that thought as we think about how to save the Shoreline Historical Museum.



photo credit - Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment
+ Ringo Starr's "Y Not" album site

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