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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rep Dennis Kucinich Draws Big Turnout in Shoreline Sunday

Dennis Kucinish on kitchen duty at Richmond Masonic
Lodge Fundraiser - Shoreline
ph credit - Janet Way
An enthusiastic reception met Congressman Dennis Kucinich at the Richmond Masonic Lodge in Shoreline, with over 110 members and visitors to the 32nd District Democrats Brunch Fundraiser.
Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) flips
flapjacks for Democrats
ph credit - Janet Way
He attended the Brunch and spoke to the enthusiastic crowd of Democrats gathered to help raise money
Special meeting with supporters upstairs at
Masonic Lodge. Suzanne Pardee is a PCO
and local coordinator of his presidential campaign
in the district in 2004-08.
ph credit - Corey Murata
for the 32nd District Democrat organization. 
Democrats sign in and contribute to their coffers
today waiting for Dennis Kucinich to speak
Large crowd of over 110 Democrats gathered from all over
Puget Sound Region
to meet Dennis Kucinich and share Brunch
ph credit - Janet Way

Kucinich was introduced by Sen Maralyn Chase, who was elected last fall to the State Senate and
had served 4 terms in the State Legislature. 
Senator Chase introduces Dennis Kucinich
Dennis Kucinich started out with a joke that he was glad the world didn't end yesterday, because he wouldn't have wanted to miss the pancake brunch today.

The Congressman spoke to many concerns and questions from the crowd on wide rainging topics ranging from "Too Big to Fail" banks, Fair Trade, Environment, Labor, Waging Peace and also several questions about his future plans. He said he expects to be "redistricted" or have his district in Ohio eliminated, and speculation has been raised that he might be considering a move to the NW to run for Congress here, and even for Rep Jay Inslee's seat if he decides to run for governor.  
Dennis Kucinich of Ohio's 10th District
in Shoreline, May 22,
ph credit - Corey Murata

He did not confirm or deny that he'd decided to make a move here or to run for congress from here, and that he just "hasn't decided yet" what he'll do. Wahington State is scheduled to gain a congressional district this next year.  He had quite a bit of support in this district when he ran for president twice. He did say, in response to a direct question that he does not plan to run for president in 2012.
Kucinich addresses crowd of Democrats
ph credit - Corey Murata

Kucinich addresses the crowd on wide range of topics


  1. I'm glad this event was such a great success!

    Down here in the nether regions, aka Seattle, at Park Six we hosted several Temple Beth Am families who did a nice job of weeding and mulching just down stream of the beaver pond. In the afternoon was Irene Hull's service at the Labor Temple. King Co. CM Larry Gossett had some nice Irene stories to share. People are missing her already!

  2. Congrats, Janet, on your "top environmental blog" award!

    It was a treat to meet and hear Dennis Kucinich this morning. Also, I was proud of Shoreline; "our" green heart sparkled!

    Dennis adds a dimension to our local and national conversation that is too often missing. For instance, his emphasis on developing public policy on our values rather than deferring them as somehow not practical in terms of economic development or "defense" is a refreshing inspiration. Or his perspective that the US might actually negotiate with our current trade partners from a stronger position, that would also benefit other developed countries suffering similar competitive disadvantages, if we were to end our participation in the trade agreements: this idea offered an alternative I had not heard discussed elsewhere, and, at least at first blush, I thought it an one that held hope for the millions of unemployed in this country.

    Even though he will not be running for president, it is good to hear that Dennis plans to find a way to continue in Congress where his perspective is very much needed to counterbalance destructive attitudes that currently threaten the country.

    We in the northwest would be lucky to have him here, but I would support his moving to whatever area that would prove most effective in returning him to Congress.


  3. I agree with Saskia. Had to miss the brunch in the 32nd where I am a PCO and truly hated to miss it because I served as Kucinich's 2008 Presidential Campaign Organizer. I had an unavoidable family milestone event this morning and Dennis urged me to attend that instead of trying to make it to the brunch. (That says a lot about the man, don't you think?)

    However, I did hear his fabulous speech at the Sunday afternoon Green Festival where he brilliantly wove together topics such as getting reconnected to the natural world, treating the planet kindly by our choices of the foods we eat and the things that we purchase, the power of huge corporations like Monsanto to control our food supplies, and why it is urgently important for each person to speak out and act on behalf of our Progressive values and issues. He drew a huge crowd and received enthusiastic applause. It was good to have him back with us in the Pacific Northwest.

  4. I do hope that people enjoyed having the tee-shirts that read:
    "I decide who's electable."

    Those shirts were left over from our 2008 campaign, but the message is timeless. LOVE it!