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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Progress on 4Culture Bill - Passed the Senate

Hooray 4Culture! A big hurdle has been passed. The latest version of the 4Culture Bill has just passed the Senate!
WA State Capitol Dome Ceiling and Chandelier
ph-credit- Janet Way

Now on to the House. Please send a message to your legislators now asking them to  VOTE YES! Wednesday is scheduled to be the end of the special session. 

This is it! A Rallying Cry from Advocate 4Culture organization to supporters this evening.

The Senate just passed a bill that would save 4Culture. Now it's time to put the heat on our Representatives in the House to pass a bill to save 4Culture.

This is it folks: the legislative session is scheduled to end Wednesday. If you've EVER written and advocated or if you NEVER have, we need you to send one email right away that tells our Representatives to save 4Culture.

Subject: Save 4Culture! 
Please personalize the following message with a few words about who you are and why 4Culture matters to you, or write your own!

"Dear Representative,


I am part of the Advocate4Culture Coalition. We are a group, nearly 900 organizations and individuals strong, come together expressly to save the funding for 4Culture, which benefits our communities immeasurably. There is one day left in the session. We are begging you for a resolution to this issue. The Senate just passed ESSB 5834 and I urge you to work with them to save art and heritage in our state.

Watching and waiting."

Send To: Here's the whole House list. Please put this list in the BCC field and click send. (Please note... some email services bounce if you send too many emails at once. You may consider splitting the list into three and sending separately.),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Advocate4Culture Coalition

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