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Friday, May 20, 2011

Lodging Tax and 4Culture Bill Fails in Senate by One Vote yesterday!

The Seattlest Blog has the story and it IS beyond frustrating. We will try to find out what's next.
It sounds like there may be another rabbit in the hat......we hope. There is a similar bill still alive in the House. 

Stay tuned and let your Legislator know about your support.

One Lousy Vote - 4Culture's SB 5958 Falls Short
This is beyond frustrating.
Our own Alex Hudson made it plain earlier today--we've been huge boosters of 4Culture, the Arts-funding organization that is quite simply central in keeping the culture found in King County (from Native American preservation projects, to the Seattle Art Museum) vibrant, current and alive. SB 5958, the latest bill in which the organization has been added onto in order to maintain funding (largely provided by taxes placed on hotels, car rentals and restaurants), went before the State senate today.
They needed 25 signatures in order to pass onto the next round of Kafka-esque machinations, they received 24.
As the Stranger's Jen Graves writes in the SLOG, every recent attempt to pass a bill to keep 4Culture funded has failed because of the other items attached to the bill (last time, it was proposed additional construction to the Convention Center). We can't help but wonder if it's time to stop trying to Trojan Horse the program past legislature, though there are well founded fears that such an approach would end in even larger heartbreak. Graves also notes that there may be another bill on the docket, though this represented the current best shot.
We just don't know what to say. Don't expect this to be the last you hear on this topic either. If anti-arts proponents thought we'd been loud before...

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