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Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Edible Communities" Magazines Wins Prestigious James Beard Foundation Award

Edible Seattle is one of the Edible Communities family of publications which garnered a very prestigious award this week.

In a press release this week, it was announced that last Friday in New York City, The James Beard Foundation awarded a special category, 2011 Publication of the Year Award to the Edible Communities publications:

This year, the Journalism Committee of the James Beard Foundation Awards has decided for the first time to present a special award for what it deems to be Publication of the Year. The Publication of the Year Award recognizes a publication—in magazine, newspaper, or digital format—that demonstrates fresh directions, worthy ambitions, and a forward-looking approach to food journalism. 
James Beard Foundation Award for Excellence
Edible Communities is a family of publications that covers the "locavores" movement, in other words follows the trend in support of locally produced agriculture, cuisine and products. It features beautiful photography, presentation, graphics, stories and recipes on locally grown agriculture and cuisine for each region in the US.
During the James Beard Journalism Awards dinner held in New York City last Friday evening, Edible Communities co-founders, Tracey Ryder and Carole Topalian, were on hand to accept the award on behalf of all of the Edible magazines.

“We could not be happier or more proud of our publishers than we are right now — they each bring an incredibly high level of quality to their magazines and are experts at knowing all there is to know about their local food communities, says Ryder. They all work very hard to ensure that each issue is full of compelling stories and images and also play an active role in their local food communities. To know that the vote was unanimous and that every member of the Beard Foundation Journalism Awards Committee voted for us is an honor we deeply appreciate.”

Edible Seattle is available in many locations and covers local food producers, events, restaurants and trends. It's editor is Jill Leitner.
Edible Seattle Cover -May 11th Edition

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