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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lodging Tax to Fund 4Culture is in Crucial Vote Today in Senate

Advocates for cultural asset funding are testifying today at a State Senate Committee to extend the "Lodging Tax" to continue support of 4Culture.  Its future is still at risk!

The Advocate 4Culture group is asking supporters to contact their senators to support two bills. One is 
 SB 5958, sponsored by Senator Scott White (D-46).  

Also, SSB 5834, is back in play and it's on the Senate floor. Supporters are asking groups and individuals who appreciate the value of heritage and culture for our communities to contact their Senators and say, "VOTE YES ON SSB 5834 and SB 5958!"

If you care please call or email your Senator TODAY!
Find your legislator HERE -

Backround on 4Culture an the Lodging Tax can be found HERE.
4Culture invests $4.5M every year in artists & arts/heritage organizations and activities in King County. This is the single largest source of contributed revenue available in our community on a regular basis for artists, arts organizations, heritage organizations and heritage/preservation projects.
Hundreds of local arts, education and heritage groups support valuable, ongoing and  groundbreaking ideas and programs that also leverage huge benefits to our regional economy. 
A UW study last year showed the remarkable depth of economic value brought to our region and other regions by arts and heritage funding.


  1. I just wrote to the senators to remind them there are citizens who understand the value of arts & culture in our lives and as economic engines for jobs and tourism. I hope others will do the same. 4Culture is unique group that should be supported.

  2. Thanks Anonymous and everyone! The word is that the Bill has now passed out of the Rules Committee. Cross your fingers and keep calling and emailing!