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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lodging Tax and 4Culture Bills on Track - A Note from Sen Chase

Senator Maralyn Chase sent a thoughtful note in response to requests to support the 
4Culture Bills, SB 5958 and SSB 5834,
Senator Maralyn Chase (D-32)

She serves on the Senate Government Operataions Committee. Yesterday the Committee passed through the two Bills SB 5958 and SSB 5834 with "do pass"  notes.  This is great news, and hopefully the full Senate will vote to support the bills today.

 Thank you for contacting me with respect to SB 5958 which will do wonderful things for our communities such as funding tourism promotion, workforce housing, arts, science and heritage programs as well as community development.   Today we voted this bill out of Government Ops Committee and on to Ways and Means.  
I am pleased to support this bill to provide for arts activities in our community.    It is my belief that creativity and imagination foster innovation that, in turn, fosters inventions that bring jobs and economic recovery to our state.  We frequently hear that “intellectual property” is what will drive economic recovery --- patents, copyrights – held by individuals who think creatively and outside the box. 
Innovation is creativity and without innovation we will simply imitate.  Imitation will neither build nor sustain the economic recovery that our economy and communities so desperately need.   The promise of creative thinking begins is places we might not ever see – but we know when it is missing.   This bill holds that promise and I am very pleased to support it.
Maralyn Chase

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