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Monday, May 2, 2011

May Day Celebrations - And More to Come

May First is of course a big Labor Celebration day across the world. Seattle had it's May Day gathering, but there are two birthdays that can be celebrated too.

Seattle City Councilmember Richard Conlin held his traditional Burrito Fest today, but it's also his birthday.
Conlin smiles as guest sing Happy Birthday
at his Annual Burrito Fest at his home
Another May Day Birthday, is that of Seattle Peace Activist Alice Franklin Bryant. (Clmbr Richard Conlin is a supporter along with several other city councilmembers and other current and former elected officials)
Alice Franklin Bryant -
Peace Activist - 1899-1977
She was a force for peace and disarmament in Seattle and internationally. She spent many years advocating for the Japanese victims of nuclear strikes and displacement during WWII. This was after she and her husband had been held as prisoners of war by the Japanese military in the Phillipines.
Alice Bryant was also a political and labor activist, making several runs for congress and even the US Senate.

 There is now a strong effort underway now to name a park at Northgate area the Alice Bryant Peace Park at Thornton Creek. The group has been circulating a petition for several years, and now has over 500 signatures in support of the peace park idea. To sign the petition contact Ruth Williams -
Recently, there have been several positive developments in this effort. Ruth Williams, the grand-daughter of Alice Bryant reported three important supportive pieces of news:
• the Seattle First-Baptist Church, which has long been connected to the Japanese-American Community
wrote a strong letter of support to the Seattle Parks Commission for the Alice Brant Peace Park name
• a resolution by the executive board of the King County Democrats supporting the park name passed
last week
Sen Maralyn Chase (D-32nd Dist) who knew Alice Bryant has pledged to work to commemorate Alice on her birthday next May 1st as Alice Bryant Day. Ruth Williams, Imogene Williams (Alice' daughter) and myself met with Senator Chase about the idea last month at her Senate office.
Alice Bryant Peace Park Group
meets with Sen Chase -

ph credit - Aaron Barna
Senate Photography

Many organizations and personalities have signed on as supporters, including Thornton Creek Alliance.

Send a comment letter to Seattle Parks on the naming issue and contact:

Park Naming Letters go to: (Acting Superintendent of Parks) (Parks’ naming committee chair) (Parks Board Liaison) (City Councilmember for Parks)

Thornton Creek Park Six, proposed for the Alice Bryant Peace Park
 is a great place to view wildlife
including the Great Blue Heron. Thornton Creek is 
salmon habitat and the Heron is proof as it scoops up hundreds 
of salmon fry.
ph credit - Don McCall (City Councilmember to Keep in the Loop )

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  1. Today is the deadline for e-mails to Parks on behalf of Alice Bryant Peace Park, so please don't delay!

    Many more happy birthdays to Richard!!