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Friday, May 21, 2010

Waldo Woods and Historic Building Permanently Preserved AGAIN!

"We've saved Waldo Woods again!! "

This message from the  Maple Leaf Community Council and David Miller. 
It's great news for that neighborhood and for historic preservation in the North End.and for preservation of a valuable grove of native trees. 

Congratulations again to David and his neighbors for their determination!

We received confirmation today the real estate deal at the core of the conservation easement process has been closed. Our thanks go to MMSC for making this happen, including meeting Camp Fire's demand for immediate cash in exchange for signing the paperwork.

I personally wish to thank all the Maple Leaf residents who had our back during this last push. The anonymous name-calling from Camp Fire supporters directed at our community and at me personally reached a particularly nasty level after we called them out for continuing to block the preservation of Waldo Woods. The support you expressed at our community meeting, in your emails, and your *reasoned* arguments on the blogs reinforce how proud I am to be a Maple Leafer.

Thanks also to Seattle Parks, Seattle City Council, arborist Tina Cohen, land use attornies Dave Mann and Kathy George, King County Conservation Futures, KC Councilmember Bob Ferguson (who introduced us to the easement program), and most especially the entire volunteer Waldo Working Group who spent almost 4 years of their lives making this possible.

We have a little more work to do as we create the stewardship agreement to govern how Waldo Woods will be maintained going forward. We'll keep you posted on this. This negotiation is between MLCC, Parks, and MMSC. Since all three parties want a vibrant Waldo Woods, we don't anticipate any problems.

Waldo Woods is preserved forever thanks to the hard work of Maple Leafers joined by people across Seattle. Pat yourselves on the back.

Have a nice afternoon,

David Miller, Chair
on behalf of the Waldo Working Group 

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