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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Appeal from Cedarbrook Park Coalition

Cedarbrook Park has captured the imagination of citizens in two cities.
The Shoreline School District was set to surplus the large open space on the border of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park. But citizen activists took action and put together an impressive effort. Now they need every one's help to push the stone up the hill. Take Action today by
 clicking below!

Dear Cedarbrook Supporter:

to view and then submit a strong message of support for Cedarbrook Park to your 
City Council Members and the Shoreline School Board.

Our permission from the Shoreline School Board to pursue funding for a park at the former 
Cedarbrook School location runs out in August, 2010. We have asked the school board for 
a three-year extension and the city councils of Lake Forest Park and Shoreline have passed 
resolutions in support of our request.
Despite this show of support, the Shoreline School Board has yet to respond!  

Help us send a message to the City Councils of Lake Forest Park and Shoreline asking 
them to follow through on their pledge of support, and to the Shoreline School Board 
urging a positive response to our request for more time.


Simply click on the link above to send your message directly to our City 
Council Members and to the Shoreline School Board. Two clicks and 
you’re finished.

Make your voice heard.

Thank you for your support.

The Coalition for the Preservation of Cedarbrook

George Piano, Chairman
Bob Farris, Vice President
Andrew Bradner, Treasurer
Simone Farris, Secretary

Board Members: Betsy Piano, Anita Bradner, Scott Messic,
Tami Johnson, Rich Osborne, Jeff Sackett, Luanne Brown

1 comment:

  1. The city and school board is only interested in helping out Sunset, which has not been officially declared surplus, strangely enough.

    Notice, however, that many of the school foundation supporters live nearby Sunset -- follow the money!

    What doesn't follow, however, is the failure to renew the Cedarbrook agreement. The school board is delusional if they think they are going to get any decent price for either parcel in the present economic climate: banks are not lending, houses and other multi-family units are not selling, and developers are broke. There is no expected upturn in the Central Puget Sound commercial real estate market until 2013-2015.