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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jail Sign Torn Down!

We see this as definite "Progress"!
Best of luck to the Ballinger Neighborhood on a new Park Plan!

The Ballinger Neighborhood tore down the Jail Project “Proposed Land Use Action” sign at the Aldercrest Annex cleanup on Saturday, May 15, 2010.

We were anxious to bring the jail sign down because it represented 18 months of opposing the jail project that threatened to take away our community park.  Now that its gone, we can focus on developing a city park out of the old Kellogg middle school.  We are pushing the City of Shoreline to work with the Shoreline School District and come up with a plan to acquire the property as a city community park.

The organization that held the Aldercrest Annex cleanup was the Ballinger Neighborhood Association.  The chair of the Association is Joyce Lingerfelt 
(shown in the center of the photos)

The City of Shoreline is now willing to talk about Aldercrest Annex as something other than a Jail.  Aldercrest Annex will be a discussion point (among a few other topics) at the Ballinger Neighborhood meeting on May 25, 7pm, at Aldercrest Learning Center.  In addition, Aldercrest Annex will be discussed along side of Cedarbrook at the Shoreline City Council Special Study Session on June 7.

Keep pressing forward ....

Nancy Moreyra
Home in Shoreline
Co-Chair Friends Of Aldercrest

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