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Monday, May 3, 2010

32nd District Politics

According to Publicola Blog, Rep. Ruth Kagi

is NOT planning to run for the St Senate seat vacated by Sen. Darlene Fairley.  In a short news item today in "Morning Fizz", there was first a statement made that Kagi would run against Maralyn Chase for the seat. Chase has already declared a week ago that she is running for State Senate.

But there is now a correction, stating -
Editor’s note. Our original Item No. 2 reported that Democratic State Rep. Ruth Kagi  was squaring off with  Democratic State Rep. Maralyn Chase to replace retiring State Sen. Darlene Fairley (D-32, Snohomish). We were wrong. Only Chase has declared. Kagi is not running. We have removed that report.
We appreciate the responsiveness of Publicola in this fast moving climate and the service it provides to get information out quickly. This is the power of the blogosphere and the new journalism that is inventing itself with great energy and innovation. Publicola is providing an entertaining and valuable news service for the Seattle area.

Tonite, Cindy Ryu, former Shoreline Mayor is making an announcement at a reception at Nara Bistro in Shoreline about her plans to run for the Maralyn Chase seat. (see post below for more information).

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