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Friday, May 14, 2010

Home Star Bill Passes House of Representatives

Home Star Energy Bill, co-sponsored by Congressman Jay Inslee passed the House of Representatives last week.

Representative has been a leader on energy policy for many years and has championed the 
Apollo Energy Project concept.

(from Rep Inslee's Website
He represents the 1st Congressional District)
The New Apollo Energy Project is a bold new energy policy that will marshal the resources of the federal government to provide a vision of how to solve the following challenges:
  1. Breaking our addiction to Middle East oil and thereby improving our homeland and national security
  2. Addressing the threat of global warming
  3. Expanding our economy and creating millions of new jobs.
With our well-trained and highly talented workforce, intellectual capital, and entrepreneurial spirit, the Northwest is uniquely poised to lead the country, and the world, in the development of these clean energy technologies.

This message from David Bangs of Home Performance Washington.  Our state delegation was also in favor.

I'm happy to report that the Home Star bill we've been promoting has been passed by the U.S. House of Representatives!  Thanks to the following Washington State reps who voted in favor:  Jay Inslee (bill co-sponsor), Rick LarsenBrian Baird, Norm Dicks, Jim McDermott and Adam Smith.  And thanks to all who reached out to your Congress Member and expressed your support.

We think Home Star is going to pass the Senate in early June and become the law of the land.   $6 Billion will be available for home energy retrofits nationwide, allocated to whichever states have contractors on the ground and customers applying for Home Star rebates.  Let's be ready and make those retrofits happen here in Washington!

Home Performance Washington has been working behind the scenes to raise awareness and encourage policymakers and program administers to be ready.  To maximize retrofits, we need existing financing and incentive programs to align with Home Star, a coordinated marketing message, and BPI accredited contractors staffed with certified technicians and ready to grow.

HPW is stepping up and working with organizations, utilities and agencies to encourage all that to happen.  Let's get behind Home Star and make it work for Washington.


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