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Friday, May 7, 2010

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive - Letter Carriers + US Postal Service

Update on Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive today.-

Heard from a friend who spoke with the Mail Carrier today about the drive.  The Carrier was very enthusiastic because her mail truck was entirely filled with food donation bags!

Great that so many Shoreline area folks are contributing to fight hunger!

Thanks again to the NALC, US Postal Service and all the other partners, especially the people who use the Postal Service.

Congratulations on a successful effort.



Saturday May 8th is the Annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers, US Postal Service, AFL-CIO, United Way, Cambell's Food, Val Pak and Feeding America. It is the single largest food drive held every year in the US.


Letter carriers will be picking up YOUR donations from your mail boxes Saturday and deliver them for you to the food bank. Just put your non-perishable food donations in the bag provided in your mailbox, and you'll be helping make a big difference. to Stamp Out Hunger!

Visit the NALC website for more information on this great community effort. They are working hard to deliver your mail and tomorrow to fee the hungry!

About The Cause
Stamp Out Hunger Is the Nation's Largest Single-Day Food Drive
PSA 2010
Millions of Americans are struggling with hunger. Learn what you can do to help.

See the faces and hear the words 
of real people affected by hunger in the
 U.S. and learn how Feeding America® 
food banks helped.

Feeding America™
Feeding America® is the nation's
largest hunger relief organization,
securing and distributing nearly 2
billion pounds of donated food and
grocery products annually.
United States Postal Service® Priority Mail
Though thousands of local post offices will be 
participating in the program, some are unable to. 
To find out whether your letter carrier is participating, 
search the USPS website for the contact information 
for your local post office.
Campbell's Kitchen(SM) — Recipes for Real Life
Campbell's Kitchen has hundreds of family-pleasing recipes,
cooking advice and savings on your favorite brands. Visit today.
Invite your friends and family to leave food donations by their mailboxes on Saturday, May 8th.
Spread the Word Now!
'I'm retired now. I'm on a fixed income. I just appreciate the food bank being there, available to me and my family.

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