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Thursday, May 27, 2010

News from Gulf - Don Norman Working to Assess Damage

News From the Gulf Oil Spill

Our friend and Native Plant guy, Don Norman is actually a Wildlife Biologist, from Shoreline, where he owns and operates Go Natives Nursery supplying Native Plants to gardeners in our area. He has done extensive bird life studies in the Gulf Habitat Areas in the past and is now offering his professional services again. He's also a principal in the Puget Sound Bird Observatory.

He is now on a mission in New Orleans area to help out on assessments of the damages from the Gulf Oil Spill. He is sending us occasional updates from the field which we'll publish here.

Don was interviewed on Nightline yesterday! We're all proud of the work he's doing.

Today, just a short greeting as things are getting underway. To help Don out on his mission, you can purchase some plants from his nursery. Check -

Greetings Friends:
Things are getting really grim and crazy down here.  Check out the story that nightline did on Wed on ABC news.
I am off to meet with NYT reporter...
If you are looking to a way to support efforts down here, consider the NO Musician's clinic.  
If we can't get any more seafood, we can still get the music...
More later... 


Oil Spill: Tracking Impact on Wildlife

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