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Monday, January 9, 2012

Stump Grinding Sequoias

Update on Sequoias at Shorecrest:

Sequoia stump being reduced to sawdust.

Workers at Shorecrest remodelling site, who had cut four Giant Seqouias a week ago were observed "stump grinding" what's left of those trees.  The trees were nearly 50 years old. They were located adjacent to the tennis courts, but SSD removed them in a permitted action by the City a week ago.
Many residents were very upset to see these trees removed.
Cross sections of the largest stump show the
age of these Sequoias

Are they trying to get rid of all evidence? Or maybe just advance their plan for expanding the access driveway which seems to be a high priority for Shoreline School District in the remodeling plans?

We will continue to monitor the actions of the Shoreline School District with regard to trees, the environment, revenue and otherwise.

It's too bad that the SSD can't just concentrate on educating our kids, and avoid getting into these controversies. Maybe if they'd just treat the public and neighborhoods with more respect for their intelligence, they could avoid these problems.

Tonite (1/9), at the Shoreline City Council meeting, 7pm, the proposed "Tree Board" will be discussed. These trees are just one more example of why Shoreline needs a more effective tree policy and Comprehensive Urban Forestry Plan.
What's left of the largest Sequoia stump that was
over 44" in diameter


  1. Lord.. Those Sequoia stumps are humongous. They were definitely trying to get rid of the evidence, like a crime scene.

    -Tony Salmeron

  2. I remember once seeing a 66" diameter red oak somewhere around there, it was ridiculous. It was cut down though.

    -Samudaworth Tree Service

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  4. The moto behind removing these trees is not clear till now. Where the trees dead or dying?