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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Citizen Action Works! NWF Caves!!

In a Stunning Reversal the National Wildlife Federation ENDED their misguided action to "partner with Scott's/Miraclegrow/Monsanto!!! 

This was after a long few days since the original partnership was announced in which hundreds of members and supporters joined forces, creating a petition and additional Facebook Pages, with Boycotts and Refund demands underway. The petition had garnered nearly 500 signatures thus far.

On the NWF Facebook Page today is the following statement:
After learning of Scotts’ pending legal settlement, we've agreed to end the partnership. 

National Wildlife Federation and ScottsMiracle-Gro Partnership

Joint Statement from ScottsMiracle-Gro and National Wildlife Federation

January 29, 2012
The National Wildlife Federation has worked together with ScottsMiracle-Gro over the past two years on programs to educate gardeners about global warming, connect children to the outdoors and help restore habitat following the Gulf oil disaster. Both parties recently announced plans for an even broader partnership that was based on our common interests.
Since that time, Scotts announced a pending legal settlement related to events in 2008 that predate our partnership, which has made it clear that the partnership is not viable. Therefore, NWF and Scotts will work together to end the partnership in a friendly and mutually beneficial way.

BUT..... NWF is still not entirely getting it. They are still trying to split hairs even as they first claim they're ending the partnership.  In the latest chapter:
National Wildlife Federation For further clarification: this decision is about the recently announced settlement about the legal case – not about the philosophy about whether or not we should be working with companies like Scotts.

Stay tuned.........


  1. I think they get it... I think they are trying to save face.

    Probably not the smartest move, but getting involved with a chemical company that sells poison bird-food, AFTER the BP fall-out?

    That doesn't sound like they are thinking past the fund-raising.

  2. Thanks! They "get it" because of the PR nightmare and revenues going south. I hope folks will keep up the pressure and not let them squirm out of this without changing their actual "policies". In the statement above, the still didn't want to budge on those. And it's disturbing how fast the supporters are falling back into their arms. They are like abused children almost, wanting approval.

  3. Damage limitation on both sides. That wave of bad publicity wasn't the greenwashing Scotts 'paid for'. NWF was disinvited.

  4. Thanks Elephants Eye, I think you are very perceptive.