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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

KC Councilmember Bob Ferguson Supports "Marriage Equality"

KC Councilmember and AG Candidate Bob Ferguson announces this morning, he will support the Marriage Equality efforts being supported today by Governor Gregoire. 
KC Councilmember Bob Ferguson talking to

In an email announcement from his campaign he states:
On Monday, the King County Council will vote on whether to support efforts to make gay marriage legal in Washington State.  Both my opponent and I will have to choose a side on this important issue.
But I don’t need to wait for the vote to tell you that I support marriage equality.
I supported gay marriage during my first campaign for office in 2003, and I will vote to support it again on Monday.  To me, marriage equality is the defining civil rights issue of our time. Any State that denies a committed couple the freedom to marry stands on the wrong side of history.
When marriage equality becomes law in Washington State, the Attorney General will defend it in the courts.

Publicola has the story this morning -

Governor Gregoire is making an announcement this morning, coming out in support of the Marriage Equality proposals to be before the legislature this session.

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