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Monday, January 16, 2012

"Slushmaggedon" May Be Headed Our Way - Cliff Mass Prediction

Cliff Mass' Weather Blog Prediction Sounds Ominous.

Weather graphic from
Cliff Mass Blog

Big snow dump in the mountains during the second period!   But the bigger story is what happens on Wednesday as a strong warm front approaches.  

Dare I show it to you?

Here is the 24-h snowfall ending 4 PM on Wednesday.   More inches...and most of that falls in the lowlands in the morning...before temperature surges and it starts to rain.
SLUSHMAGEDDON A vision that should scare any mayor.  And one I am sure will put a smile on the face of KING-TV's Jim Forman.  If the warm/low goes farther south than forecast there could be much more snow.   Wednesday has the potential to be a very major snow event, but the uncertainty is still large....more tomorrow.

Cliff Mass is a renowned Climate Scientist based at the University of Washington. His predictions and outspoken style has brought a lively style to weather predictions in the Northwest.

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