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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gray Fox Sighted Near St Edwards State Park

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A "Gray Fox" was spotted near St Edwards State Park in Juanita area of Kenmore by local steward Anne Hurst.

St Edwards State Park in snow.
ph credit - Lynn Hurst

The Gray Fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) range from Southern Canada to Mexico and are relatively common in Washington State, though rare in the urban areas according to "Exploring Nature Ecological Resource. site."


They are found in mixed forests, brushy areas, and swamps.

Body Traits  

The gray fox has a grayish coat, with reddish-brown fur on its neck, legs, ears and tail. They also have white on their neck and the sides of their faces. They weigh about 10 pounds and are shorter than the red fox but stockier (more solid). The top of the tail and its tip are black.


They hold their tail out straight when they walk, like the red fox. They are active at night (nocturnal) and are much shyer than the red fox, so seen much less. They can carry rabies.


They eat small animals, fruit and scavenge dead animals (carrion).

St Edwards State Park is the largest native growth area on Lake Washington.

It is graced with miles of nature trails and many other species of wildlife, including deer and otter. 


  1. So cool, I have seen many unique animals at this park. Even had a convo with 3 grey/white owls!!!!