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Saturday, January 28, 2012

More Trees at Shorecrest at Risk

Two More Trees at Shorecrest HS are slated for removal in site plans!

Neighbors were shocked to see four Giant Sequoias were cut last month by contractors in the Shorecrest remodel. They were permitted for removal as part of the driveway access project. They were not next to the new buildings.

Two Pines in front of
Remaining Sequoias at Shorecrest HS North Entry

Briacrest resident, Charlie Brown discovered the removal plans when studying the approved site plans.
The two pine trees, while not as large and iconic as Sequoias, are still significant. They are beautiful, probably the same age and make the entryway attractive. They are conifers, which makes them extra valuable for the services they provide.

One of two pine trees slated to be cut
at Shorecrest
One would hope that Shoreline School District would not want to double down on their needless treecutting action, when taxpayers are already upset. 
Two Pines at front of North Entry to Shorecrest HS,
in front of Theater.

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  1. The School District could not care less what people think. They think they are GOD!