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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snowy Day at Paramount Park

Winter reflections at Paramount Park's Upper Pond

Picture Postcard Views every way you look in Paramount Park on this Northwest Snow Day.
(All photos crdited tp Janet Way)

Memorial Bench with snow layer at Lower Pond

Paramount Park Natural Area has a myriad of moods. Today it was a veritable "Winter Wonderland" both for quiet contemplation and fun!
Cool sledding even with only 1" of snow in the meadow.
Logan's First Snow Ball - One year old
seems mystified by all this cold "white stuff".
Paramount Park offers natural wonders to photograph every day, but today it was mostly a Black & White album. Black and White is actually the most artistic medium anyway, in this photographers opinion.
Lower pond in simple B&W

Late Christmas Scene
Snow gives everything a distinctive outline and natures design is so easy to see and enjoy.

Vine Maple Grove near wetland entrance

Cedar bough design is highlighted

Birch, Cedar, Fir, Alder and Hemlock
are just a part of this Urban Forest Refuge

Paramount Park's wetland restoration has grown into a true nature preserve. Reflections are the extra bonus of a morning walk.
Hint of green "Duck Weed" shows life even
in winter here

Lower wetland has many "snags" and natural
elements built in. It's not "tidy" ,  but naturally
ph credit - Janet Way

There is no end to the variety of views in this jewel of the Shoreline Parks Department. Over the last two decades, Paramount Park Neighborhood Group has worked with countless volunteers to restore some of the integrity of this largest wetland in Shoreline. 

Paramount Park was designated a Backyard Wildlife
Habitat in conjunction with the
Shoreline Community Backyard Wildlife Habitat Project.


  1. Wonderful pics of a veritable wonderland!
    Thanks for posting them, Janet.

  2. Thanks all for the compliments and for following!