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Monday, December 26, 2011

Two Ducks Wish You a Happy Holiday

Hope you and yours are having a lovely holiday season! 
Two Ducks at Beaver Pond Natural Area
Ph Credit - Bob Barta

These pair of mallards were seen by former Shoreline resident Bob Barta at Beaver Pond Natural Area in Northgate neighborhood. This is the park formerly known as Thornton Creek Park #6 at 8th NE between NE 105-104th Sts. A beaver clan has transformed this park into an amazing urban wildlife refuge. 

It's a great place to do some bird and wildlife watching during this holiday season.

Bob and Ingrid Barta now live at Alijoya Senior housing at Thornton Place and enjoy visiting the park frequently. Thornton Creek is the largest watershed in Shoreline and Seattle. Beaver Pond NA is located near the headwaters of the South Branch of Thornton Creek.

Happy Holdiays everyone!

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