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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Greenlake - A December Afternoon Walk

At Greenlake in Seattle, people can enjoy a vigorous walk, run, stroll, bike or skate. According to some stats, it is possibly the most widely used park in the state. 
Walking south towards the bathouse. Winter sunshine is
a joy!

On a near winter's sunny day, it is just a beautiful place to enjoy. People of all ages and many kinds of birds are out, even on a cold Monday afternoon.

Bright and almost blinding sunshine make it a
happy habitat for some Hooded Merganzers.

Historically, Greenlake was created in the early part of the 19th century. It was also the site of an Inter-Urban Trolley stop.
Vintage, hand colored postcard labeled Greenlake. 
photographer unknown

The boat rental/fishing dock at Greenlake make a lovely destination even on a winter day.

Famous fishing dock at NE side of Greenlake
Fishing Dock is a familiar desitnation
On a beautiful day, the just over 3 mi walk is envigorating and satisfying on so many levels. It is a popular exersize  destination for thousands of users weekly.
Hooded Merganser makes her way across the cold waters, as
seen from the East side near pool

Last sunny rays creep over the hillside near West parking area.
A guaranteed way to lift your spirits and get some moderate excersize is a brisk walk around Greenlake.

Recommend another local blog called My Greenlake for more news, history and images about that neighborhood.


  1. Great post, Janet. I love going there with Travis. It makes walking more enjoyable. Really like your pictures, too. :)


  2. We used to live nearby, in walking distance and took the kids there frequently when they were small. Good memories.


  3. Beautiful pictures - they really capture the peaceful mood! There are at least two pairs of Hooded Mergansers at Beaver Pond NA also. You can see the males showing off their colors off in the distance . Also nearly 20 Wood Ducks in their date clothes.