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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Solar Installations in the Last Quarter Now Surpass 2009 Levels

So why not celebrate? 

An article titled 

"Record US Solar Quarter at 449 MW Installed"

A great Q4 is expected as well, but uncertainty looms. "Greentech solar" states  -
A record-setting third quarter is in the books, with the U.S. installing 449 megawatts of PV, more than the U.S. installed in all of 2009. The total solar installed this year in the U.S. is already over one gigawattaccording to a recent report by SEIA® and GTM Research. The 2010 U.S. total was 887 megawatts.

But, there is still a worry about the upcoming threat to investment in Solar from the federal government.

Well, in addition to the good news from the SEIA and GTM Research, the report cautions that "the U.S. solar market faces substantial market uncertainty with financing and political risks, including the looming expiration of Section 1603 Treasury Program."
But, in general it sure sounds like a hopeful sign to have such a significant increase in solar installations.

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