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Sunday, December 4, 2011

One Sparkling Fall Day at Paramount Park

An autumn stroll in Paramount Park Natural Area yields some lovely, sparkling scenes amidst the colorful native vegetation, and ponds habitat.

Upper Pond on Paramount Park's Nature Trail
Paramount Park is a jewel in Shoreline's Park system. It is hidden and offers varied habitat and ecological diversity. It is the largest wetland in Shoreline (except for Echo Lake), with over 6 acres identified. It also hosts Littles Creek, a tributary of Thornton Creek, meadows, upland forest groves, trails and many types of trees and understory.
Lower Pond has different characteristics
The two major ponds shown were created by our organization, Paramount Park Neighborhood Group, in 1998, and habitat elements were added in 2001- 2007. These projects were done with partnerships and grants from King County Waterworks, City of Shoreline, Puget Sound Restoration Fund, and local volunteers, including school classes.
Reflections are one special bonus from the ponds,
but they serve many important purposes, including habitat
water retention, water quality and so much more
Just north of the trail towards the ponds is another natural wetland
area that hosts numerous old stumps and "snags". These are essential
elements of a really healthy wetland. Dead wood provides valuable
wildlife habitat.
Passive Recreation and individual uses for the community is just one more value provided by Paramount Park. This type of recreation is actually the largest usage in our parks, far greater than sports teams. This park provides opportunities, for walking, biking, hiking, nature study, photography and art, birding and picnicking.
Sun sparkles through the fall canopy
Paramount Park offers many delights including this huge double cottonwood, which changes it's look with the seasons.
Huge double Cottonwood dominates the
center of Paramount Park
Come visit Paramount Park any time of year for a true natural experience in one of our city's lovliest places. You can enter the park via NE 147th at 8th, or walk in on NE 148th, Ten Ave NE at 152nd, or 152nd and 11th NE.  It is an important headwaters for Thornton Creek, the largest watershed in Seattle and Shoreline.

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