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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cool Spider Photographed at Kubota Gardens

This spider is fascinating from this angle. She looks scary from this close, but she's more scary to other bugs who fly by.

Unknown spider seen at Kubota
ph credit - Michael Oxman
If you know the name of this one, let us know and we will add to the post.

According to the "Abstract" of: An Annotated Checklist of the Spiders of Washington by Rodney L. Crawford
from the Burke Museum 
A checklist is presented of 760 spider species currently known from Washington State; 393 are first verifiable records from Washington, 14 are first records from the United States, and 4 are first records from North America.
The Burke Museum has an extensive collection of spiders and other insects.  It is located at the University of WA campus and is a great place to visit during this holiday week with the family.

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