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Friday, December 2, 2011

Gerry Pollett to Be Next 46th District Rep

Gerry Pollett and volunteers get ready for last night's meeting'
or 46th District Democrats

Last night, at the Olympic View Elementary School, the 46th District Democrats selected their next State Representative, longtime activist Gerry Pollett.
Gerry Pollett with Sen David Frockt, Rep Phyllis Guiteirrez-Kenney
and his young son after being selected by the majority of Democratic PCO's in 46th Leg District

In a packed room of PCO's, members and visitors, witnessed the newest chapter in the story of the section as prescribed by state law. The 105 (PCO's) Precinct Committee Officers had been called to make this nomination and selection, because of a vacancy caused by the sudden death of Senator Scott White. This selection is of interest to Shoreline/LFP voters, since the redistricting process, may split the 32nd LD and send all voters E of I-5 into the 46th.
105 PCO's lined up to register for the process at the 46th Dist meeting

Gerry Pollett is a longtime activist, environmental social justice champion. He is an attorney, and leads the Heart of America NW, and public advocacy organization for Hanford Clean-up. He ran for the St Rep seat in 2008, ironically against Scott White.
Javier Valdez (center) and Sylvester Cann
and KC Dem Delegate exchange greetings.
In the final count, Cann and Valdez came in 2nd and 3rd respectively.
There were 8 candidates vying for the seat last night including, Javier Valdez, Sylvester Cann, Sarajane Siegfriedt, Rene Murry, Gabe Myer, Dusty Hoerler, and Tony Provine. According to the 46th District and King County Democrat rules, there were three votes to narrow down the field and ensure the backing of the PCO's. In the final round, Gerry Pollett was the victor with 57 votes, and Sylvester Cann was second with 48 votes.

Tony Provine, Non-profit activist
The candidates each gave 5 minute presentations before the voting began. Gerry Pollett stood with over 30 supporters and gave his presentation.  But, all of the candidates gave very impressive pitches to the delegates.  Below are images from the evening:
Candidate, Sarajane Seigfriedt, longtime KC Dems
volunteer and lobbiest with supporter
Dusty Hoerler, Labor Activist

Gabe Meyer, former Muni-Leage Chair

Renee Murry, Greenwood activist and candidate
An amazing outcome, after a long process unfolded. Gerry Pollett prevailed after 3 ballots and will be formally selected by the King County Council this Monday.


  1. That picture of Rene Murry shows Tony Provine in the background!

    It was an interesting and intense evening, but all the candidates did a great job of positive campaigning.

    Congratulations to Gerry!!!

  2. Congratuations to Jerry and to all who will be represented by him in the 46th district. He will be a great legislator!