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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shoreline Schools Staff Funding in Doubt

A flyer entitled "Bait and Switch" was passed out this weekend at the Shoreline Arts Fest by the SESPA Union. The flyer detailed problems at the Shoreline School District with funding for staff salaries.
Ridgecrest Elementary
photo credit - SSD

The flyer details how many of the school district staff categories such as; school nurses, security monitors, special ed, library staff, playground and lunch supervisors jobs may be threatened, and yet some administrators will be given substantial raises. For instance, Superintendent Walker is slated to receive a $8,276 raise next year. The School Board has already proposed to create new "reserve funds" which will in effect squirrel away much of the funding allowed in the last Levy Votes passed by voters.

Many people are concerned about the way the Shoreline School District has been less than candid to the public about their proposals and actions in the last year.

You can contact the school Board at the following site.

The SESPA (Shoreline Education Support Professionals Association) group has posted their concerns on  the lack of funding for support staff in a blog posting at

Here is the article from the SESPA UNION Blog with chart shown on the flyer:


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  1. I am VERY much against laying off important school staff such as those mentioned above-school nurses,lunch and playground supervisors, and library staff, etc. I have heard of superintendents giving up wages in order to keep their schools functioning at their very best. Why is Shoreline giving in to such backwards thinking. Research shows motivating workers to do better with just more money actually inhibits their sharp thinking. Throwing more money at a superintendent is not likely to help solve our District challenges. Ingenuity and a full staff can. We need everybody on board to make the best schools, not limiting ourselves to one or a small few very well paid folks.